Why did the Chicken Cross the Road…An Investigation into Humor

People are the most diverse and interesting species that I have encountered to date. As the title of this article suggests, I will be looking into the different types of humor that people possess, and how it molds them into the people they are.

People have varying types of humor. Some people like extreme humor, such as jokes revolving around unacceptable topics such as racism, others prefer a more acceptable (and in my opinion more humorous) situational humor. Allow me to present an example of this. Earlier this week, my friends and I went to a local pool bar that we often frequent. During the 2 hours of pool playing that ensued, one of my friends had left a pool cue idly balanced against the pool table. Another member of our group lent down to pick something up and it just so happened that the cue slipped and hit him on the head. This provoked a very favorable and joyous reaction from all other members of the group. Personally, this has to be my favorite type of humor.

Other people (generally with a higher opinion of themselves I find) simply find certain things funny because they happened to say them. Go into any given pub, and I guarantee that there will be one of these individuals there. They will simply state the obvious about any given topic, and then proceed to laugh louder than anyone else about it. The content will almost certainly also involve expletives. I will go so far as to give an example of this. The individual in question would say (for example purposes) on the topic of any given football player ‘yeah, but he’s still s***!’ and then laugh on a maniacal level about it.

While I may not always agree or understand other peoples sense of humor, that’s part of the beauty of life. We are all different, and this is what gives life its edge, its fun, its uncertainty. All the things that keep us on our toes, the variables. Until next time.


The Daily Prompt: Exhale

One of the biggest challenges faced by any and all youngsters today is the almost overwhelming prospect of failure. From the word go, the modern child’s life is a production line of tests, examinations, and assessments. While many people who are either currently in or verging on middle age might argue that ‘it was tougher in my day’, I am not disputing that. I am however, pointing out the challenges that I faced as ¬†youngster, and still technically do face.

As soon as you reach the age of 14, all British children start being faced with the prospect of GCSE’s. These are the first level of major educational qualifications. This is a daunting prospect, but all manage to overcome it one way or another. As soon as you feel the relief of passing the exams and start to unwind, you are faced almost instantly with the prospect of more exams. The dreaded AS and A levels. More tests, more assessments. It sometimes feels as if this system is trying to make you fail, so they can weed out the academically intelligent from those who are not. This is pure prejudice towards those who can afford a better education. And even those who can are not somehow magically exempt from the challenge of exams in the first place. Finally, when you have been through the grind of 2 more years of exams, you can apply to university. This in itself, is a nerve-racking process. Will you get in to your first choice of university? Will you get in at all? If you don’t what will you do? These are all questions that race through the mind of the applicant.

Assuming that you do get into a university, you are then faced with a more relaxing, less high pressure version of the same thing. More exams with the intention of weeding out those who can from those who can’t. This is the predicament that I currently find myself in. Hopefully, by the end of it all, I will have passed all tests presented to me, have attained my degree, and be settled in a (relatively) stable job. Do I believe that I can achieve this? Absolutely. Do I also believe that failure is a very present reality unless I work hard? Yes I do. If all happens as planned, then, and only then, will I exhale. Until next time.


How Clothes May (Or May Not) Make the Man (Or Woman)

Fashion is a staple part of western society. We see it every day at home, in public, at work…in fact its almost impossible to avoid. As we reach the physical prime of our lives, fashion and all that surrounds it is at an all time high on our personal scale of importance. Speaking from current first hand experience of this stage in life (21 years of age), I can say that my personal desire to appear physically attractive is at an all time high. This can be achieved largely through the use of fashion, although there are many potential pitfalls and blunders in the complex and oh-so-competitive world of fashion.

When I speak of fashion, I am personally referring to exclusively male fashion. This alone, when given even the smallest amount of thought, can be complex enough for any person. I dread to think what nightmare women must go through when faced with the same challenge. Western society has also managed to develop subcultures that people can identify with in order to, I presume, have a sense of belonging, and to express themselves through sub-communication. These groups have larger following in different parts of the world. For example, I recently returned for a vacation in Los Angeles, where I found there to be an exceptionally large ‘hipster’ following. In New York, which I visited 4 years ago, I found there to be a much more ‘preppy’ trend of fashion. Personally, I believe that I would fall into the ‘preppy’ category myself. What is ‘preppy’? It consists of polo shirts, jeans, chinos (of varying and interesting colors such as red, green etc) and in the winter a range of fashionable coats. Whereas hipster would consist more of knitwear jumpers, the obligatory long hair, and plimsoll shoes.

However fashion can also have its downfalls, in that people can be categorized, and subsequently judged, by which of these groups they fall into. While this will not put any significant strain on any two peoples relationship, it is nonetheless a very much existent factor. And since you do not get a chance to make a second first impression, this once again brings to light the importance of fashion to some people. Until next time.