How Clothes May (Or May Not) Make the Man (Or Woman)

Fashion is a staple part of western society. We see it every day at home, in public, at work…in fact its almost impossible to avoid. As we reach the physical prime of our lives, fashion and all that surrounds it is at an all time high on our personal scale of importance. Speaking from current first hand experience of this stage in life (21 years of age), I can say that my personal desire to appear physically attractive is at an all time high. This can be achieved largely through the use of fashion, although there are many potential pitfalls and blunders in the complex and oh-so-competitive world of fashion.

When I speak of fashion, I am personally referring to exclusively male fashion. This alone, when given even the smallest amount of thought, can be complex enough for any person. I dread to think what nightmare women must go through when faced with the same challenge. Western society has also managed to develop subcultures that people can identify with in order to, I presume, have a sense of belonging, and to express themselves through sub-communication. These groups have larger following in different parts of the world. For example, I recently returned for a vacation in Los Angeles, where I found there to be an exceptionally large ‘hipster’ following. In New York, which I visited 4 years ago, I found there to be a much more ‘preppy’ trend of fashion. Personally, I believe that I would fall into the ‘preppy’ category myself. What is ‘preppy’? It consists of polo shirts, jeans, chinos (of varying and interesting colors such as red, green etc) and in the winter a range of fashionable coats. Whereas hipster would consist more of knitwear jumpers, the obligatory long hair, and plimsoll shoes.

However fashion can also have its downfalls, in that people can be categorized, and subsequently judged, by which of these groups they fall into. While this will not put any significant strain on any two peoples relationship, it is nonetheless a very much existent factor. And since you do not get a chance to make a second first impression, this once again brings to light the importance of fashion to some people. Until next time.


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