Crying on TV – The Most Unacceptable Behavior A Male Human Being Is Capable of

Throughout every human beings life, they will undoubtedly encounter a wide range of emotional states of varying severity. This will include highs and lows, the highs are easy enough to handle, provided that the individual in question does not get too carried away with it. The lows, however, can at times be hugely difficult to overcome.

This does not mean that men are allowed to cry over pathetic rubbish such as not being a successful singer. Yes, I refer to the many thousands of applicants to popular television talent shows, with stars in their eyes and over exaggerated dreams. I fully support their attempts to follow these dreams, but think that they should do so with a mature and realistic state of mind. If these dreams are dashed, tarnished or ruined in any way, find a way around it, or pursue another line of work in life. Do not humiliate yourself on terrestrial television, suck up the failure, and move on in a proactive state of mind. Seeing  grown man cry because he couldn’t sing a certain song well enough. Allow me to put things in perspective. There are soldiers on the front line of Afghanistan, risking their lives every single day. That requires an unimaginable amount of bravery, courage, discipline and down to earth thinking. These men are very special people, what they go through will obviously result in emotions running very high. However you will see far less tears shed in any military documentary series than in one episode of a talent show.

If the soldiers are not crying, you do not have the right either, simply because you’ve been sent home from some talent show. I once heard one gentleman say on the topic ‘men should not cry unless they get impaled on a railing’. This is slightly extreme, even for me, however I understand the man’s logic. As usual, I understand that complaining without alternative suggestions yields no reward. So, my suggestion is, as usual, quite tough. 6 months in prison for all male applicants who cry on talent shows. I guarantee that crying on TV will go down 99%. Until next time.


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