The Flat-out Ignorance that Illegal Narcotics Instigate

There is a certain type of individual who feels the need to abuse illegal substances. They’re reasons for this are almost always flimsy and complete rubbish. A lot will tell you ‘marijuana causes less deaths every year than cigarettes and alcohol’, and while this may be true (I have no idea whether it is or not), it does not change the simple fact that cigarettes and alcohol are legal to people above a certain age, drugs are not. 

      If your life is at the point where you need illegal drugs to get highs, then you have hit an all time low. Seek help beyond your local drug dealer. Start a new hobby, read a book, make a drastic lifestyle change if you have to, but do not try to spice up your life with anything that is illegal. It will be detrimental to your mental and physical health, and while I have never and will never abuse any illegal substance of any kind, it drives me mad to hear people try and justify drug use. I’m not sure what the current jail time is for drug abuse depending on where you live, but if I was in charge, it would be 10 years minimum on all illegal substances. For drug dealers, I would consider life in prison, or if the situation was repeatedly severe, the death penalty may be re-instated. Extreme? You betcha. Do hard crime? Do hard time. Drugs are illegal, they are illegal for a reason. You are not better than the system, so stop trying to be different, get a job, pay taxes, and fit into society. Until next time.


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