A Long Term Solution to a Long Term Problem – A Governmental Suggestion

The problem I wish to address today is our government. Now I am not going to be on of those people who sits and types a load of anti government crap on the internet simply because he can. Before I make any suggestions of a ‘new’ government,  would like to say that the government we have now is, in comparison to some others, very good indeed.

However, I often feel that we are far too lenient on the topic of law enforcement and prisoners rights. Prisoners are prisoners for a reason, they don’t deserve any rights. Those individuals waived they’re right to any rights when they made the conscious decision to partake in the crime they were convicted of. If I was given control of the prison system, there would be no television, and there would be only 1 hour in the exercise yard a day, and all prisoners would be thrown in a  big pit together where there would be no real monitoring system, apart to ensure that they would not get out.

This brings me on to the wider topic of law enforcement. There are far too many laws surrounding the topic of prisoner rights. Police have to ask the suspect politely to put down the weapon (if they have one) and then wrestle them to the ground, risking they’re own safety in the process. I believe that police should be allowed to carry firearms in the UK, and allowed to use them at their discretion.

If I was in a position of power, I would also form my elite unit of law enforcement units, called the PPA (People’s Protection Army). These units would wear all black with balaclavas and carry military grade weapons, driving around in armored SUV’s, having complete freedom to stop and search, arrest, and if necessary, kill anyone they encounter. These would not be any ordinary men. They would be made up of people who have left the special forces, or failed the selection test. An example of an on the spot punishment for an individual seen, say, selling drugs, would be to hoof him in the balls as hard as the officer could, unless he is a repeat offeder, in which case he would be shot. This would also free up space in the prisons. Crime would become non-existent in the areas where they were applied, however these would only be areas of very high crime. This would end all types of crime, or bring them down a least 75%. Guaranteed. If any one you think this is extreme, then once again I say that I think that we live in a very extreme society, and that unfortunately we are at the stage where we must fight fire with fire. Some will say that this is completely unnecessary, and that this method is far too extreme. Tell that to victims of crime! Until next time.


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