An Everyday Danger – Cyclists on the Road

Being a regular road user in the UK, I often find myself confronted with the overwhelming challenge of overtaking a cyclist. Not only are these people menaces to other road users, they are most incompatible with all other modes of transport. Allow me to explain.

Cyclists, by nature, are relatively slow moving in comparison to any given petrol powered vehicle (eg. a car). This obviously makes it difficult to pass by, meaning an overtake is necessary. The overtaking of any given vehicle increases the chances of a head on collision drastically, thus making an overtake a rather risky maneuver. This would be acceptable, were it not for the fact that cyclists on roads are a completely unnecessary hazard. As usual, I have an alternative suggestion. If you wish to cycle, go to a cycle track and drive there. Or if there is a designated cycle lane, use that. And do not stray from it. Also, as usual, I have a fairly extreme set of guidelines to enforce these new laws. Drivers would hereby be allowed to actively knock cyclists off they’re bikes, and would receive a government commendation for doing so.

Obviously I realize that this is ridiculously over the top and extremist, however I would like the manners of the said perpetrators to improve. A family member of mine was recently ‘flipped off’ by a road using (or abusing) cyclist after following behind a parallel line of them. They refused to move, or make any effort whatsoever to make it easier for them to move past, and when they finally did make a rather daring overtake, they received a very hostile reception. For this incident alone, I believe that the individual involved (and his accomplices) should receive a minimum of 6 months in prison with no chance of parole. Extreme? Damn right. We need to take a hard line against a hard crime. Until next time.


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