The Internet – Possibly the most Detrimental Thing to Happen to Mankind

The internet can be a wonderful place. It can be used as an educational tool, helps international communication and enhances the availability of information. Many people use it on a daily basis to help them complete homework, write blogs (obviously), aid them with work, and if they are an unsavoury character, plagiarize. The internet can also be used for much more unacceptable behaviour as well. As I write this I’m sure some readers will assume that I am talking about criminal activity or pornography. Let me assure you I am not. The topic that I wish to address is much more severe. It is the use of the internet for making home videos to be posted to video streaming websites, available for the public to see. By home videos I do not simply mean videos that have been filmed on handheld camera at home, I mean videos that have been made for the surface purpose of comedy, however with a very clear undertone of self indulgence and arrogance. Some readers may say I am hypocritical, and that blogging is no more than a written version of the same thing, with the same indulgent vibes. This I cannot argue with, due to the fact that it is a matter of opinion. However the videos I speak of consist of topics that are evidently meant to be funny, yet fail miserably in this endeavour. One such video was shown to me the other day by a friend, and consisted exclusivity of animals wearing certain garments of clothing. My friend led me to believe that this alone was worth a chuckle. I disagree. All it was worth was a campaign against its existence, and a small amount of jail time for its creators.

This makes me wonder what on earth the world is coming to. If I was in charge (prime minister, president etc.) I would make such videos illegal, and give anyone bold (or stupid) enough to create one time to reflect on their actions in prison. In order to monitor what content may and may not be published on video streaming websites, I would set up a governing body which all videos must be run through before they are put online to avoid such monstrosities. Sentencing would vary between 2 weeks for minor offences, all the way through to 10 years for really awful content. This would encourage people to think before they uploaded such self indulgent and frankly wasteful content to the internet. Whether I will start a campaign surrounding this topic or not is yet to be seen. Until next time.


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